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Georginia Nwoke7

I am a registered Psychologist in Alberta in Clinical & Forensic Psychology and a registered member of Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, Canada. Within the last 20 years, I have worked in three continents [United Kingdom, Nigeria and Canada] with children, youths and adults in clinical, forensic and education sector as a teacher, instructor, addictions counsellor and a psychologist. My specialty is in addictions & mental health, trauma, assessments, forensic mental health, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, FASD, ADHD, /ADD, Relationships, Abandonment, Adult children from Alcoholic and Drug Family backgrounds, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Borderline and Parenting, through groups and individual therapies.

In Canada, I have also worked as Specialist Student Support Advisor in a university doing case managements and in schools in Alberta doing assessments for giftedness, learning problems, cognitive abilities, and behavioral issues. While in the United Kingdom, I worked with children and adults within the Autistic Spectrum and their parents and care givers under The National Autistic Society, London. My graduate thesis was on “Interventions provided by Local Education Authority for children (3-11 years) within the Autistic Spectrum in the U.K.”.

I support parents who are facing challenges in their parenting role including children within the Autistic Spectrum and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome disorder. Recently I published a book titled “110 Nuggets for Excellent Parenting, with 120 Affirmations and 160 Prophetic Prayers for you and your children”. I have a great passion in supporting parents to raise children who are healthy emotionally, mentally, and physically.
In course of my global experiences I have supported people to heal from their childhood trauma, liberate their inner child, grow and flourish to fulfill their purposes in life. As a psychologist, author and motivational speaker, I speak on practical challenging life issues in churches; communities, women, men, young adults and teenage groups and conferences; taking people on self-exploration, supporting my clients to build resiliency, and challenging them to live their lives to the fullest! Your inner child deserves to be heard and living a liberated life. It is never too late to heal, ‘the little boy in you’, ‘the little girl in you’, needs a breath of fresh air, give him or her wings to fly and soar high above the clouds. It is doable, let’s walk and work together through your healing journey.

My education includes M.Sc. in Psychology of Education and Graduate Certificate in Psychology, both from Institute of Education, University of London; now University College London, United Kingdom. I also have a Professional Post Graduate Certificate in Education from University of Greenwich, London and I am a member of Education and Training Foundations, United Kingdom.

During your clinical /forensic mental health/ educational assessments and therapy sessions, I will provide you a safe environment to support your healing journey. I approach my work from trauma informed practice and draw upon such therapeutic approaches as Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Self-regulation therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Family-systems therapy, Motivational interviewing, Rational emotive behavior therapy, Prochaska and DiClemente model, 12 STEPS, SMART and Psycho-education. Always, I walk side by side with you through your healing journey.





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